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Recent articles & videos featuring Get Social/Lisa Wells include:

Great Social B2B Tactics, Thanks to one Native American, Two Shoes
HME News, October 2016

Comfort Medical and Wheel:Life Partner with The Woody Foundation
HomeCare Magazine, September 2016

Reporter’s Notebook: Comfort Conversations Creates Connection
HME News, September 2016

Election 2016: HME providers cast their lot with Trump
HME News, September 2016

Online, You Get What You Give
HME Business Magazine, September 2016

GF Builds Community
HME News, September 2016

Sanchez Photo Wins GOEL
Sports ‘N Spokes Magazine, September 2016

Cure Medical embraces new role as innovator
HME News, August 2016

Wheel:Life and Comfort Medical Partner for Peer Support Program
HomeCare Magazine, July 2016

Provider, Social Community Share Commitment
HME News, June 2016

Apple Debuts Wheelchair App
HME News, June 2016

hme news apps august 2016

Video: Wheel:Life, Sports ‘N Spokes Announce Photo Contest
HME Business, June 2016

Abilities Expo Enhances Attendee Experience with NEW Abilities Meet Up Zone
Abilities Expo, June 2016

Comfort Medical Expands Services with Acquisition of Wheel:Life
HomeCare Magazine, May 2016

Wheel:Life Gets in The Zone
HME News, May 2016

Comfort Medical Expands Services with Acquisition of Wheel:Life  
HomeCare Magazine, May 2016

Wheel:Life and Partnership Brings Disabled Customers Access to Adapted Vehicles 
HomeCare Magazine, April 2016


Blogging is Not a Fad
HME News, April 2016

Graham-Field Reveals New Brand Identity with Online Educational Community
GF Health Products, Inc., March 2016

Embracing Disability To Power Up Your Customer Relationships
IMCO Homecare Connections, March 2016

SMILE Mass – Bringing Smiles to Children
Bard Care, February 2016

Vermont Adaptive 
Bard Care, February 2016

Say Yes to Life
Bard Care, January 2016

United Spinal Promotes Providers
HME News, December 2015

The Center for Higher Independence Empowers Young People with Disabilities
Bard Care, November 2015

Marketing for Home Care Providers’ Needs
IMCO Homecare Connections, November 2015

Women On the Upswing
HME News, November 2015

lisa bard care

Charity: The Silent Victim of Competitive Bidding
HME News, October 2015

Open Enrollment Season: Consider This Before Changing Health Plans
Concierge Medicine Today, September 2015

AbleGamers Delivers Virtual Challenges to Disabled Gamers
Bard Care, September 2015

Supplies Patients: Look at the ‘Market Basket’
HMEtv, September 2015: Guest Host

Get Out, Enjoy Life: 2015 Winners
Sports ‘N Spokes, September 2015 

Melio: New product has a leg up on innovation
PN Online: Better Wheelchair Living, August 2015 

You Get What You Give Online
IMCO Homecare Connections, August 2015

Bad operational flow? Reexamine your leadership skills
HMEtv, August 2015: Guest Host

Eat Well, Live Well, Be Well
BardCare, July 2015

Brave New World for Leg Bag Wearers
Abilities Expo, July 2015

Wheel:Life Publishes Accessible U.S. Travel Guidebook
HomeCare Magazine, June 2015

Take the extra step of BOC certification
HMEtv, June 2015: Guest Host

HME providers can help bring care continuum downstream
HMEtv, June 2015: Guest Host

Wheels with Wings: Healing Takes Flight
Abilities Expo, May 2015

Tell the story of how technology can affect outcomes
HMEtv, May 2015: Guest Host

Advocacy Update: Empower Your Customers
IMCO Homecare Connections, May 2015

Post-Amputation Strategy: Be the Inspiration You Seek
Abilities Expo, May 2015

lisa hme news april 2016

Melio Hits Market with Smart Leg Bag
HME News, May 2015

Binding Bids and Licensure Passes
Medtrade, April 2015

How to lock up a referral stream—legally
HMEtv, April 2015: Guest Host

Low-Cost Digital Strategies:
Drive retail revenue without blowing your budget
HomeCare Magazine, March 2015

Living a New Dream
Abilities Expo, March 2015

10 Marketing Ideas for Sales Success in 2015
IMCO Homecare Connections, March 2015

10 Fundraising Ideas to Help Your Patients with Disabilities
IMCO Homecare Connections, March 2015

Newly-Injured Overcomes and Connects in College
Abilities Expo, February 2015

Provider Included in New Book by Wheel:Life
HME News, February 2015

Unite advocacy and sponsorship
HMEtv, January 2015: Guest Host

Stakeholders Challenge OIG
HME News, January 2015

medtrade 201

IMCO Homecare Dives Into Digital Marketing Services
HME News, January 2015

Raising Your Voice for a Better Medicare
Abilities Expo, January 2015

Social Media “Ultimate Grassroots Tool”
HME News, December 2014

Digital Gurus Offer Advice
HME News, December 2014

In Their Own Words: Medicare Beneficiaries Share Their Stories on Issues with Care Access
IMCO Homecare Connections, December 2014

I Am The HME Industry
Medtrade, November 2014

Medtrade Ends on Optimistic Note
Medtrade, October 2014

Leverage Online Tools to Promote Your Business
Medtrade, September 2014

Digital Marketing Comes of Age
Medtrade, September 2014

AAHomecare Launches Save My Medical Supplies Campaign
AAHomecare PR, April 2014

AAHomecare Courts Consumers
HME News, March 2014

Wheel:Life Publishes Fundraising Book for People with Disabilities
Medtrade, January 2014

The Meaning of Advocacy
Medtrade, September 2013

Social media: Here’s what it can do for you | HME News

New Book Offers “Best Practices” in Social Media Marketing
HME News, December 2012

Keeping the clowns out of your company
HME News, January 2012

CRM – Know, grow your customer
HME News, March 2011

Lisa Wells: 5 Questions on Increasing Awareness
The Emma Blog, August 2011

Marketing : ROI that will make you LOL
HME News, March 2010

Marketing: Make one-to-one connections
HME News, April 2010

Smart Talk: Make their stay welcome
HME News, May 2010

Marketing: Ready, set action!
HME News, June 2010

Click the picture above to watch the new commercial for Medtrade 2013, featuring Lisa Wells.
Click the picture above to watch the new commercial for Medtrade 2013, featuring Lisa Wells.

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