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Lisa Wells Authors Relationship Advice Book for Wheelchair Users

Wheel:Life, an online community for wheelchair users worldwide, has published Reconnecting: Relationship Advice from Wheelchair Users as a new e-book on Wheel:Life publications center on sharing resources and support for people who use wheelchairs.

Thomas Morris shares advice in the book on how to deal with family members who want to help -- too much.
Thomas Morris shares advice in the book on how to deal with family members who want to help — too much.

Within Reconnecting: Relationship Advice from Wheelchair Users, readers will hear from people who use wheelchairs as they share their perspective on friends, family and relationships including dating, marriage and parenting.

Author Lisa Wells shares real-life examples and success stories throughout the book based on her lengthy career that includes ongoing interactions with disability advocates, non-profit supporters and peer support group members.

“Wheel:Life continuously receives inquiries from people who are seeking advice on relationships with their friends, family, co-workers and loved ones, especially from those who are new to using a wheelchair,” Wells says. “While Wheel:Life doesn’t have all of the answers, we are thrilled to provide meaningful support by offering this book filled with personalized advice from wheelchair users.”

Reconnecting: Relationship Advice from Wheelchair Users features interviews with:

  • Reconnecting-CoverLowResGraduate student & quadriplegic Ather Sharif about connecting on a college campus
  • Quadriplegic Eric Kolar on connecting with friends through car audio competitions
  • Amputee Thomas Morris on connecting through his unique appearance and personality
  • NSCIA [Buffalo, NY chapter] President Natalie Barnhard who connects Wheels with Wings
  • iPush Foundation organizer Chris Malcom who connects with his daughter to fight juvenile diabetes
  • Paraplegic Todd Robinson who explains his family connection through the joy of adoption
  • Quadriplegic Ashleigh Justice who connects on the quad rugby field and as a young mother

Available for purchase at Amazon’s Kindle bookstore, the book retails for $1.99.  Proceeds from the book go toward funding additional Wheel:Life programs for the wheelchair community that they serve.

Purchase your copy for Kindle and iPad here.

Note: If you have a disability, you can request a free copy of this book here.

Getting out of the house and getting involved with an activity or group is the fastest and easiest way to reconnect.
Getting out of the house and getting involved with an activity or group is the fastest and easiest way to reconnect.

Wheel:Life publications are funded by the generous support of our corporate sponsors, who include ABC Medical, Abilities Expo, Bard Medical, Cure Medical, Hollister Incorporated, Invacare,, Medtrade, Melio, The Mobility Project, National Ramp, SPORTS ‘N SPOKES, and Top End Wheelchairs.

“ABC Medical is proud to support Wheel:Life as it promotes a full and active life as a wheelchair user ”, states Keith Jones, CEO of ABC Medical. Jones continues, “we firmly believe that an active lifestyle leads to a healthier, more fulfilling life, thus the partnership with Wheel:Life was a natural fit.”  ABC Medical is one of the largest supporters of adaptive sports in the United States and supports the community by contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to adaptive programs nationwide.

Special Event: ABC Medical Webinar Featuring Stars of the Book

ABC Medical invites anyone interested in getting to know more about the book and two of its stars, Natalie Barnhard and Ather Sharif, to participate in ABC Medical’s Virtual Support Group Webinar – “Reconnecting”, on Thursday, February 26th at 8:30PM EST.  Reconnecting book author Lisa Wells will guide the discussion.

Visit and complete the registration to reserve your free spot for this exciting event.

lisawellsbookphotoAbout The Author:
Lisa Wells is a veteran of online marketing and e-commerce, with more than 20 years of experience in public relations, marketing communications and web-based product management at medical device, medical supply and health technology companies. A strong advocate for people with disabilities, you can find her speaking and teaching at healthcare conferences nationwide.   Visit her consulting website at

About Wheel:Life
Wheel:Life is a global initiative that assists people in addressing the many questions and challenges that come with using a wheelchair. Wheel:Life resources help people find quality health and medical resources, related medical research and news. Our social community offers networking within an online peer support group that is intended to promote a full and active life as a wheelchair user.  More than 70,000 wheelchair users from 108 countries took part in Wheel:Life resources in 2014. Visit us at