Get Social Consulting Partners with IMCO Home Care to Deliver Digital Marketing Solutions to Home Care Providers


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tampa, FL;  December 15, 2014 — Independent Medical Co-Op (IMCO), Daytona Beach, FL and Get Social Consulting, Tampa, FL, have teamed up to offer industry-leading digital marketing services to DME/HME providers who are seeking to improve their digital marketing, social media and e-commerce/retail cash sales.


IMCO recently launched their new Home Care initiative, a dedicated membership group serving Independent DME/HME dealers through the United States. IMCO Home Care provides for its members the best in Home Care manufacturers at contracted prices, as well as resources essential to efficient and profitable businesses. To that regard, IMCO has partnered with Get Social Consulting as their digital marketing service provider for IMCO Home Care and its members.

IMCO Home Care is very excited to partner with Get Social Consulting!  Lisa Wells is well known in our industry as an expert in home care marketing and a great advocate for people with disabilities,” stated Pam Wedow, Vice President & General Manager of IMCO Home Care.

Lisa Wells
Lisa Wells

Get Social Consulting, whose areas of service include providing digital marketing and social media programs, as well as creating e-commerce platforms and traditional marketing plans for DME providers and medical device manufacturers, will be the digital marketing service provider recommended by the association. IMCO’s new Home Care group will also be offering active members discounted rates for Get Social Consulting services.

“We are thrilled to partner with IMCO Home Care to offer digital marketing support to their members. As the industry has shifted dramatically over the last few years in terms of how providers go to market, supporting their online marketing efforts is a strategic member benefit that may boost their overall sales success,” said Lisa Wells, President of Get Social Consulting.

One of the immediate member benefits of this partnership is an educational webinar series on digital marketing and e-commerce best practices, hosted by Lisa Wells of Get Social Consulting and Pam Wedow of IMCO Homecare.

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The first installment of the series, 10 Marketing Ideas to Drive Your Sales in 2015, will take place on Thursday, February 12, 2015. 

Thanks to an educational grant provided by Covidien, the webinar is free for IMCO Home Care members to attend. 

About IMCO
Independent Medical Co-Op is the premier member services group for the independent medical wholesalers serving the acute, long term care, primary care and home care market segments with 140 members across the US.   IMCO has continued to grow and build family owned companies for over 30 years.

IMCO Home Care contracts with leading branded manufacturers and resources partners to deliver their robust product portfolio to their home care provider members through their network of IMCO wholesalers across the US.  IMCO Home Care membership is free for home care providers who would like to join. To learn more about IMCO Home Care or to apply for membership please visit or call toll-free 877-259-9233.


About Get Social Consulting
Lisa Wells created Get Social, a healthcare marketing consultancy, for one simple reason:  to help care providers better communicate with patients and their families.  Get Social solutions include digital marketing programs, social media management, e-commerce platform development and comprehensive strategic planning for integrated marketing communications [both traditional and digital].

A veteran of online marketing and e-commerce, Wells has 20-plus years of experience in marketing and product management at medical device, medical supply and health technology organizations. As president of Get Social Consulting, she has advised on successful digital marketing programs and strategic marketing plans for HME providers and medical device manufacturers worldwide. Her books, Get Social: How to Use Social Media for Healthcare Marketing, and 10 Fundraiser Ideas to Help People with Disabilities can be purchased on Amazon.  To learn more, please visit or call 678-232-1330.

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